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Brewed with Pride

Drink and donate, really? By drinking Queer Beer you have a positive impact on the queer community. For every beer purchased, we donate €0.10 to good cause that supports the community. Small amounts quickly add up when we all get together. 

So, let’s enjoy a delicious beer and support our fabulous community!

Fride queer beer spicy mango

A refreshing beer with a different taste? Try our surprising and flavourful white beer: Spicy Mango. Most delicious just cold from the fridge or with friends on a sunny terrace. 

Meet new people

Who knows how many minutes Madonna was late to her concert? And what is the oldest gay cafe can Amsterdam? Join our Queer Beer pub quiz and other events. 

We do

Our commitment to the welfare of the queer community is reflected in our donation of a portion of the proceeds from every beer sold to organisations working towards this cause. Our first initiative is LGBT Asylum Support.

Unique beers
with surprisingsurprising flavours

We aim to brew unique and surprising flavours using quality ingredients.

Spice up your life with our very latest beer Spicy Mango!


Glass and can

Queer Beer
is for everyoneeveryone

Beer only for men? Queer beer believes in and stimulates inclusivity! We create beers that are accessible to everyone, we love the wide range of skin tones, body types, sexual orientations, and gender identities! Join us in our mission to support the queer community, one beer at a time.

We celebrate
the differencesdifferences

We are all different. Our brewing process is enhanced by the diversity within our community, working with people from different backgrounds and experiences to foster an inclusive and creative environment.


queer beer


"Beer starts with an idea, and an idea originates on a beer mat. By now, there are hundreds of described felts with flavours, ideas and names. Always while enjoying a beer, and so the circle is complete. Cheers!"



"Beer brewing happened a very long time ago, in ancient Egypt. Since then, beer has evolved into one of the most popular drinks on earth. Our goal is to be like them, putting as much love and passion into this beautiful product."

Queer beer


"We believe everyone with talent should be heard. Within Queer Beer, we form a team where you are empowered with your talent. We value a diverse palette of different people and backgrounds. Join our friendly team!"