Taste Queer Beer soon at your favourite bar, club or hotel

More and more people want to drink queer beer in their favourite bar, hotel, shop, dance club or business. And, of course, in yours too! 

We would love to visit your place for taste test!

De Nieuwe Anita

Drinking original beers in a living room atmosphere: De Nieuwe Anita is one of Amsterdam’s most unique nightlife spots. Come along and drink Queer Beers stage and watch your favourite band, singer-songwriters, writer or poet. 


At Reguliersdwarsstraat, we strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone feels welcome. We hope you enjoy these delicious beers and have a great time with us. Cheers to love, diversity and great flavors!

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A livable earth for all, help you recycle your queer beer. You are a hero!


Queer Beer
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